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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Missing Time

Will Ciella
What is wrong with you lately?  You've been such an asshole to Kayleen, me and my sister.  Grow the fuck up already.
· · · 3 months ago 

I found this just recently, in my Facebook history.  I've been scrambling ever since.  This is the first clue from the last few months that could help me.

Looks like those conspiracy agents, whomever they are, couldn't put a muzzle on Facebook!   I remember Will, he was a decent guy, I think.  Memories of him are pretty blurry, but the point is, I apparently interacted with him 3 months ago.  During this time that I was supposedly in a coma!  

Now I've already checked my own history in that same timeframe, and didn't find a thing.  No posts, no clues.  Backtracking through 'their' Facebook, I found a mysterious blank there as well, however I do find it weird that most of them have actually been on that site for 6 months or so. 

Why?  I mean, sure 'Kenneth' never really posted, but why would they go through this much of a sham for me?  Is it even possible to mis-date things to provide a false history?  Could this really be something so long in the making?

TOo many questions

Noot nearly enough answers

and maybe i'm fooling myself, am I so important that
No, I saw her, I saw her putting pills in my food.
There HAs to be something there, there has to be soemthing more

I've got to calm down, getting angry, making mistakes.  But t
the weird thing is, is
this Will,  I barely remember him

and hes dead now.

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