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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Desires or Memories?

This week was a bit worse.   Doesn't help I still am out of work, and already have the clock ticking on my rent.  "Surprise you were in a coma, now here, be fiscally responsible!"   Shitty ass wake up call.

I should be capable of pulling my own weight, I should be able to have a place of my own.  I want to stand on my own feet, and flex them for the first time.  I want...to remember.

Why the fuck hasn't there been a worthwhile explanation to what happened to me?  Even worse, why the hell did I wake up against my back door today?  What the hell am I doing?

Shitty ass day!  Damn this is pissing me off.

Have people still trying to hover over me, offering me money, food.  I don't WANT your damn money.  I am a man goddammit.  I don't NEED YOUR CHARITY.  FUCK

And I'm NOT going to be taking this medicine shit either.  How the hell can you tell me to take this shit but when I ask you what happened to me, you throw up your hands?   FUCK YOU, DOCTOR HERR.

One thing I AM glad about is that my 'family' has backed off again, seeing as I'm a whirling ball of hate and curses.

You know what I did yesterday?  I fucking limped across the street to the playground, sat in a shitty ass swing too small for me, and fucking cried.

People are lying to me, and I don't know why.

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