I feel like my life's just out of reach, but how do you grasp something you only see out of the corner of your eye?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Digs

I've been hooked up now.  My own little functioning place.  TV, bed, food, gamecube.  I've forgotten most of these things, damn it felt good.

No mindscrews from the thing either.  Haven't even seen it.  Maybe its due to being back on my meds.  Gives me a great sense of comfort at least.  I take them and I just don't stress.  Not even when nature calls and I have to, well....look at what is left of me.  Its unnerving right now, but when I'm doped up, life is almost decent.

Until he shows.

He still doesn't tell me much, I think he's just expecting me to do things.  If I am following him somewhere, he just turns his head towards me, subtly, expecting me to do something.

I don't even know these people, and Spencer's certainly not one to tell me what is happening.  Two days ago, he had me tag along with him.  He just stood there, looked at me, then turned expecting to leave.  That look, it is a whip across my back, I nearly leapt out of my spot just to keep him from getting any worse.

Anything to keep from it getting worse.

He took me along that place, the Path, they call it.  It is...well, depending on if I've had my meds or not, its either mind numbing horrific, or unpleasant. 

There's this road obviously, a beaten trail, like in grass.  All about you there's something a lot like wind.  It comes from any direction, making you wince from the pressure.  The leaves are carried on the wind, naturally.   They are strangely soft, almost like cotton.  I kept one from the travel but it either disappeared or got lost.

The scale of the place is very weird too, it reminds me of those 2.5D games where you'd walk and walk, and whatever was in the distance only moved a little.  It was like the perspective was clumsy, I guess.  The gigantic tree in the background didn't help matters.  Half the time I heard labored breathing on the wind, but never saw whatever made the noise.

Anyway, we make it through, not so much that we do anything different, just that he stops, and I stop, and we're not there anymore, as if everything melted away.

No idea where we were, and I wasn't going to ask.  I just knew we were in some apartment complex, a hallway somewhere.  He opened a door, and some guy inside apparently recognized him, because he got panicked real fast.  He apologized for something, he found himself in the corner of his apartment, just by Redlight walking towards him, quietly herding him there.

And then he looked at me, then quietly stepped aside.

I didn't know what to do, but I stepped up.

This guy, just some guy with glasses and dark hair was weeping for his life in front of me.  When he got a good look at me, he just gasped.

He feared me.  It was as if death had come for him.

It felt so good, to have that power, to be in control.

He did something wrong.  I didn't care what it was.  He lost control of the situation, and it was all mine.

I...don't feel like continuing right now.

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  1. How sad, to be haunted by the ghost of yourself.