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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Therapy = Sega

Not as pissed anymore.  Might be because the holiday is over with, a day supposed to be about family, which I guess I'm without.

Didn't get any gifts or anything, aside from no psychotic fucking encounters, which is pretty good I guess.  The piece of shit problem is going to be when I run out of meds since I'm doubling up on them indiscriminately.

Just don't fucking care, as long as that shit stays gone.  Dreams are bad enough as they are.

I was so pissed, I don't even know why.  God I felt like dumping kerosene all over the damn place and just watching it all motherfucking burn.  Fucking scares me.

So anyway, I guess I'm sort of writing this now for the people reading, in addition to myself.  I guess the question I have is what the fuck do I do now?   Has anyone else had months stolen from them as well? Anyone else feel like this isn't their skin they wear?

Fuck this shit, going back to my games.  Shit's creeping me the fuck out.

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  1. Heh. Yeah. Yeah, I have. For your sake, lets cross our fingers that your case is different than mine was.