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Monday, February 20, 2012

Troll around the world

Ahh yes, I've got my very own troll now.  Everyone welcome the hypocrite Sufjan McBride .  He enjoys uhm...well fuckall, outside of shoving some poor soul off a goddamn balcony and going out of his way to make me feel as bad as he does inside, I don't know what the little prick likes!

All I know is he's asking for a beating with the way things are going.  Think about it, I've got no job, no committments aside to my own sanity, and nothing but fucking time.    That right there is a good recipe for "Shut your damn mouth". 

Which brings me to the thought of the day,  threats, grievances and in general mayhem.  Everyone's a fucking action hero/ine, if you haven't noticed.  And while it's a bit hypocritical of me to lambast this right after issuing a "Smackdown, Party of 1" request, I'll admit to it myself just a hair.

So what is it that makes proxy threats so....blase?  Let's hypothetically say I say, "I'm going to kill you, and rape your dog." or some sick shit.  Invariably.   INVARIABLY the accused Runner or whomever will say some bullshit like... "Bring It, I'm packing a .35 herpaderpaherp with 5 million herpaderp rounds, and I've got herp herp herp herp..."  Its always about what they've got.

Fuck that.  I don't give a shit what you want to make people think, I know a person who really knows tactics wouldn't say a god damn word about having a claymore mine in his backyard, or a rifle and ammo within easy access.  So, what we've got is an inflated sense of security, and most likely a fantastic sense of make-believe.

That same false bravado that people throw on when they're shitting themselves because a FUCKING FACELESS MONSTER IS STALKING THEM.   Everyone here who's reading this, has either seen Faceless or knows enough to be afraid.  Let's not sugarcoat it,  hell I've broken down into tears twice, and soiled myself once.  I admit it, and I defy any of you to tell me you didn't at least pucker up tight when he ambushed you.

Now, to be a bit more realistic, why don't I just lay out what I'm working with, where I am.  

Not much.   When you're a homeless ass guy, ducking out of sight of the law, and have motherfucking bandages on your face and hands...shit doesn't go your way.  But hell that's the hand I'm dealt, so that's what I've got.  Really the only thing I've got is a shitload of time, and that's it.

Or at least, that's all I'm willing to admit to.


  1. You weren't dealt that hand, you picked the cards yourself. You said it yourself, you killed her to impress the monster. The only troll here is you, I'm just the guy who's telling you uncomfortable truths that you're too chickenshit to hear. Well, go ahead and keep on covering your ears with your pathetic bandaged little hands and I hope that every time you cry into them like the pathetic little snot that you are, you remember that those are the hands of a murderer who beat his girlfriend to death with a metal pot because he wanted the big bad monster to like him.

    You're pathetic. At least the guy I killed had done something to deserve it and at least I've been humble enough to admit that I might have been wrong, to wonder if what I did was right and to feel sickened about doing it, whether it was right or not. You're a cold-blooded killer who plays the victim when every single bad circumstance in your life was put there by you.

    Yeah, I feel bad inside, but that's because I have a sense of common fucking decency. I don't need other people to point out that what I did was horrible for I feel bad about killing someone.

    Stop lying to everyone. You killed her because you chose to kill her and you probably liked it too, you sick fuck.

    1. Oh this shit is ON now, you prick.

      Firstly, let's get it straight here. I'm the one telling uncomfortable truths, and YOU're the one that's chickenshit. Why? Because you're projecting all of your shit over here.

      Here's a pop quiz, one question, and its multiple choice so you might stand a chance.

      Which is worse?

      A) Being driven temporarily insane, and committing a brutal murder.

      B) Brutal murder with no other influence.

      How's your dead girlfriend, prick? Yeah, that shit hurt right? Made you angry. Stop poking the bear.

      AND if you've got a 'sense of common fucking decency', let me know after you turn yourself in for killing that poor bastard. Because that's what society wants right? That's what a decent person would do. Surrender to the authorities. Now, before you try to mirror this back to me, I'll be upfront and say that I have no intention on doing that myself. Something tells me the police aren't going to believe an eldritch horror tampering with my head. No sir, no death penalty for me.

      Let's say you and I both get caught same day, We both tell god's truth. Nothing about my case screams premeditated, I might get Murder 2, or Manslaughter, because Insanity doesn't really get you out of that shit. You, I'd guess would end up with Murder 1, and a charge of vigilantism.

      Either way, we're both up shit creek. So end your little rants already, I'm sick of you. Stop projecting your own damn weakness from watching your girl get knifed while you did nothing.

    2. Let's see. I tried to fight off the person who attacked and killed my girlfriend. You, on the other hand, are the person who killed your girlfriend. I admit to the fact that I killed who I killed of my own free will, while you pretend to yourself and everyone else that you didn't, even while saying that you did it because you wanted to impress the monster.

      And you know what? I can admit that I'm failing my social responsibilities by not turning myself in and that doing it is wrong because the crime I committed was done of my own free will. But you sit there behind your computer screen play-acting as the poor little victim because you're too much of a pathetic little snot to admit to anyone, including yourself, that you killed your girlfriend because you've a boner for the monster. So screw you, you hypocritical mess. I'm done talking to you.

  2. "Everyone here who's reading this, has either seen Faceless or knows enough to be afraid." All generalizations are false.

    1. Then there's something seriously wrong with you.

    2. We've all been saying that for ages, Caden.

    3. That would hurt, if it came out of the mouth (hands, really) of somebody who wasn't a homeless madman who defines himself by a shirt.

  3. Let me see. In one paragraph, you tell the world that it would be stupid to give away information about what you can and can't do. Your weapons or lack thereof. And then in ANOTHER paragraph, you talk about how weak and without resources you are...

    Hmm. I wonder who's being obvious now, heh?

    1. Amy is correct. You give sound tactial advise but then fail to observe it yourself. It is not the best strategy.

    2. the last part was sarcasm. sheesh