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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kool-Aid, motherfuckers!

Shit's lookin good today!  Let me tell you.

Okay, so I was all quiet for a few weeks, right, so you know there's bound to be a story behind it.  Well, sit your ass down and check this out.

In case you get all tl;dr  here's the short of it.

Kicked a bitch ass troll's ass, and he's probably dead now, so you know, good for that.

Some of you know this clown, Sufjan McBride, he's a pretentious twit runnin this blog called Integrity.  Well, he's committed himself some murder too, so here we are, murder buddies or some shit.  But he starts claiming moral superiority over me.  Starts saying MINE was worse than anything, because I wanted to smash in a skull with a fucking pot.

So let's go over this one last time before we move on.  Okay, Faceless...you know...horrific mindcrushing monster  tells ME to go kill someone, and I can't really do anything to stop it.  Its fucking horrifying, I mean I know you don't get that by reading it, but it is.  Have you ever actually watched yourself do something and was helpless to stop it?  IT'S FUCKING SURREAL AND HORRIFYING, BITCHES.   And this guy, this fucking guy Sufjan, he goes and shoves this Royal off a goddamn balcony for revenge, and says I'm the bad guy.

Fuck. You.

So I had enough of his shit.  Bitchass got all complacent, talking about himself too much.  Yeah, just like I was warning people about earlier!  Gee...he talks about a confederate tobacco grower.    Google it.  Richmond,  Richmond, Va.  Then he starts talking about where he is, because he sees some cryptic shit.  Now, that wasn't me, so we're clear, but...it does help me find him.

The best part is HE HAD A FUCKING PHOTO OF HIMSELF on the damn blog.

Portrait of a douchebag

ANYWAY, it takes me a few days, hunting down Starbucks, looking them over.  Played it cool on Google Maps, looking for warehouses near Starbucks.  There are a lot of fucking Starbucks in that town, so it takes some time, all with people giving me the big eye because I'm not exactly normal looking.

I scout his place for a while from across the road, in the alley, and I'm not fucking alone if you get my drift.  Faceless is out there on the sidewalk, he's just standing there, not even looking at me.  And it freaked me the hell out, damn it.  That's the reason why things have gotten so bad for me and him, but I just had no fucks to give about him right now, figured at the very least maybe he'd get whatever he wanted from us, and get the hell out of my life.

Right, alleyway.  Classic scoping spot from the movies, and yeah eventually I see him.  I went out into the street, doublechecking.  I mean I don't wanna jump the wrong guy or anything.  He just seems to be out doing shit, getting groceries for all I know.  So I get out of traffic, and yell out "Hey Sufjan!"   

He looks!

And in I go with a tackle.  How's that for Pokemon shit?  Caden uses Tackle.  IT FUCKED HIM UP.  or whatever.  I roll him right into the back alley of that Starbucks.  He curls up into a ball, doesn't even say a word as I just start wailing on him.  "Told you, TOLD you man, to stop with your shit, All I've got is time right now, and I might as well teach you a lesson."

I knocked over the trash cans, I went for the ribs, and it felt good.  Real good.  Felt good to be passionate about something, even if its something brutal.

It was weird.  I mean, here this thing is staring at us now, and I'm just furious.    I wasn't even mad about the things he said.

Shit.  I twas just
I just started thinking, of all the shit that's happened.
His fault, and I took it out on Sufjan.  Mr. Integrity.
I was in control,
This time, it was ME giving the pain.
I hurt him.
I hurt him and hurt him and hurt him, because then
it wasn't ME being hurt.  and I was so fucking glad for it.

I said some things, I don't even remember, i picked him up, and it was so blurry.  And that thing, that Faceless thing kept just being closer, didn't move, just was there.
and I couldn't think anymore,
I put my foot in his gut, gave him a shove towards the thing and ran like hell.

God help me, please let this be the end of him.  Please let him be done with me.


  1. It ain't over 'til it's over. You ain't seen nothin' yet. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. Et cetera.
    Or at least that's how these things generally go. I see no reason to assume you're any different from the rest.

    1. ...what? I'm like the Eagles?

    2. No, the point is he's not done with you. It made more sense when I was writing it than it does now reading it. Whatever.

  2. People should really learn to check for a pulse. Don't you know? They're never dead unless you see their head separate from their body, or you seem them turn to ash.