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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

cannot believe this shit

Alright Fucker.  What did you do?

Seems real coincidental to me, that I'd be in the middle of a damn post, and I get interrupted by IT.

Maybe I'm giving you too much credit, but when a goddamn window explodes, and sends people into a panic, and me into a fucking dead run, there's something going on.

Was just typing my shit, was so damn stupid to type then, it was right there, too damn close.  I desperately wanted my solace and it fucking shattered the window.  I sent the log up before I even looked, I knew something went wrong, and I haul ass out of there.  I glance out of one of the side windows, and its there.  The glass shatters again, and then the next.  All I have is just like a second or so ahead, just running as fast as I can.

Now I'm a mad sprinter, have had way too much training of late, for all the good it did me.  Turned a corner, it was there, I bolt the other direction, it appears somewhere else.  Never see it moving 'in', its just always there.  I go out in traffic, hoping to catch a bus or something, and nothing.  This thing was on. my. ass, and I was getting exhausted.   No money for taxi fare, not stealin a damn car, can't even figure out how to hotwire, but I keep moving, and it starts showing up slower...  I don't think I was actually outrunning it, but maybe it was getting bored, whatever.  When I got worn down and tired as hell, thats when it stopped.   I was dead meat, and it just gives up.  Who the fuck does that?    Unless they're making a point.

So, Fine.  I don't believe you had anything to do with this, but whatever, its obvious, you want a go.

I'm not part of your bullshit, wannabee.


  1. Replies
    1. thats your observation...that's your takeaway from this.

      I must not be conveying my thoughts and experiences properly because I'd think that a library getting full alien assault from that thing would be more interesting than a typo, which btw google didn't recognize as such.

      W/e, I guess its sort of funny for me to be defensive about that, what with all that is going on.

  2. Ahh, so that's what it was. Technically not as bad as I imagined then. That's good. I guess ^.^;

    And yeah, I think trailing back to Zerosage or something, there's like this unspoken rule that you probably shouldn't be blogging while it's around and watching you like that. Bad shit tends to follow. But I'd say you already know that now.

    Secondly... if Fakelight really is gunning for you like you think he is, then... yeah, you should probably be prepared for further escalations like this. Could still be coincidence... but at least one person LOVES to keep telling me "there are no coincidences in the slenderverse," so... who the fuck knows?

    1. I forgot there was a fakelight! Oh yeah, that's your new nickname there asshole, mr 'regards redlight' gets a new name to call him...outside of asshole and fucker, I'm keeping those.

      Yeah I knew better than to blog then but well...I'm sure you can relate to this, I'm marked for death, I get that, and I just wanna....I just want to be able to find my moment of peace typing, this entire shit is our log of how we're dying, and I really needed to just take a moment, and vent. You get that, I'm sure.

  3. You know, sweetheart... are correct in one way.

    He isn't the First Redlight. And thank God for that. I don't think I could handle another figure in that name with Attention Deficit Disorder and a side-helping of OCD. He was Chess Master of his own right, but there was so much that he refused to see... refused to understand...

    And denial is no virtue. No matter how much both you and he seem to believe it to be.

    No, darling. There is a reason I chose "Devil" as my little nickname for him. He is a new breed all his own... and that should make the pit in your stomach turn even colder. The name itself... is merely a title. An all-too fitting one of what he is capable of.

    The clock ticks down, Redling.

    The winds are starting to pick up.

    A storm is in the air.

    Wait for that first crack of thunder, and it might already be too late.

  4. you know what, I think I like this guy. See, I always thought everyone was on the same page there, at least back in the beginning when I started blog binging after shit went south. And now I see there's different...I guess, 'cells' of guys, that generally hate each other. That's fucking awesome.

    Keep up your trash talk to Fakelight, that's funny shit.

    1. I'm sorry, you thought what? That we all held the previous Redlight on some... golden throne with shining white lights above his head?

      Heh. I suppose many do. However... darling, we may not have had a chance to get to know each other yet... but one thing you should know about me is my distaste for the Highers and the garbage they spew. Old Red held the same frame of mind as them. Do I hate him for it? No. Nothing was personal enough for hate. And he was brilliant, in his own way. I respect what he did manage to do. After all, becoming a symbol of something is nothing to wave your hand at. But I hardly think of him worship-worthy.

      The new Redlight, however... he comes with a different mindset, generally. One that intrigues me. Life is not without compromise, sweetheart. I think that's a lesson you've yet to learn.