I feel like my life's just out of reach, but how do you grasp something you only see out of the corner of your eye?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stupid shit

Such an idiot.  I fell asleep at 'my' place.  Got woken up by a sobbing frantic 'Kayleen'.  Apparently I fell asleep as I scrutinized the computer there.

and then I had to listen to the standard soap opera drill

where were you

i was so worried

do you even know what you're doing?

can't you see you need help?

we're just trying to help you.

I clenched my fist as she wailed and phoned every damn person I was told that I know.   I ended up yelling at her, telling her everything.

I accused her of being in on whatever play this is, and demanded to know why she was doing this to me.

She cried.   Shit, I was feeling bad,  I mean everytime she does that I wonder if I'm just fucked up in the head.

I found myself apologizing, and admitted that it was hard readjusting to life.  She hugged me, and sobbed into my shoulder, as I tried to be strong.

Kayleen was so warm, and yet,  so wrong.


What the fuck's wrong with me that I have to throw suspicion on everything.

Maybe everything is meant to be like this.

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