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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vuja De

The feeling you've done something you've never done before.

Or something like that.

I checked myself out of the hospital.  Tried to at least, turns out they're not too keen on people in my 'condition' doing so without a guardian.  I didn't even think that's legal, considering I'm well over 21.  So I snuck out.  Nothing to brag about, it was pretty easy.    I had a change of clothes with me I had asked 'those people' for, which fit me.  I snagged a bus over to what my driver's license says is my home, or at least was at the time of the picture.

I got off the bus, near the apartment complex.  Just a few moments before I realized I didn't have any keys to work with.  Well, why wouldn't I have keys available?   This is just proof how all this is just a cover up, right?  I walked around that place several times, looking for signs of life, of activity.  Of me, even.  But brick walls don't really give you a lot of clues to work with.

So I broke in, to a place I, at one time, 'lived'.  There's a little fenced-in yard that I got into, and the sliding door wasn't that hard to get past, but I did have to force it.  No one was in there, else I'd be writing this from the local jail. 

I don't think County has wi-fi.

The pad was pretty believable.  Don't get me wrong, it doesn't 'fit'.  It's not part of my puzzle, but it looks like a bachelor pad.

Even has some posters on the wall of Megan Fox.   Too bad she can't act.  Of course now I wonder if I have a 'type' or a 'crush' on anyone.  Even if I did, I guess, how can I know it's real?  Why the fuck am I the star of this shitty ass Truman Show?

Not really much to say about the place, I think I'm going to raid the fridge, scour the computer and GTFO before more shit happens.

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