I feel like my life's just out of reach, but how do you grasp something you only see out of the corner of your eye?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kind of sucks

These last few days, pretty bad.  Between keeping my eyes peeled for a Faceless thing, working at a damn gas station to pay bills, and going over this apartment with a comb, looking for anything else to help cement in that missing time, now I've got to deal with the fact that my drugs ran out.  No chance for a refill this early, so I'm shit out of luck, not that I could afford them anyway since I have no insurance now...or ever?  I don't really know.  I sort of thought it'd be funny if I had a real nice job beforehand, something professional, and I don't know it.   I regret that this isn't the case, as I looked in my online records and found I worked at some security place for a while.

Been hearing weird things lately too.  Not sure if its external or internal, last night I felt the room drop twenty degrees in seconds, everything just seemed...off,  hard to explain.  Starting to think that its done fucking around and its almost time.  I don't know what to do.  As much as I'd like to be all hardass and say I'd fight him, the thing scares the shit out of me.  I could barely move the last time it appeared.

So whats worse?  Getting slaughtered by some alien creature, or the fact I'll never know what happened to me, and no one else gives a shit?


  1. Someone gives a shit. No one deserves that fate.

  2. Get moving. Seriously. Sounds like there's nothing to tie you down and nothing but danger if you stay.

    1. Also, what he said. That's two people that give a shit.

  3. Yeah, but you guys are in the same shithole mess, of course you have an interest. I mean, thanks and all, but its these people who haven't got this issue that I'm livid with.

    As long as its someone else's problem, right?

    holyfuck it just

  4. ohm,y fucking god, it was back, I swear. REALLY WISHING i didnt just alienate every damn person I know right now

  5. People give a shit. Wake up and pay attention to that, or people will stop.